Aamir Khan -Actor of the decade (2000-2009)

10 years 9 films (2 All Time Blockbusters,1 Blockbuster,3 Superhits,1 Hit ,1 Above Average and 1 Flop),a record which is unparalleled. A record any actor would die for. Is it not enough to say that Aamir is the star of the decade. Some may disagree as they will have their own choice but for me he is in a different league altogether.

To support my statement I will like to highlight 2 very interesting facts

a) He has not repeated any of his directors* in this decade.

 b) All the directors have given their best in terms of Revenue and Story telling with him barring Dharmesh Darshan(Whose best was Dhadkan)

This is what actually signifies that Aamir  purely believes in the power of the script and not about the director’s reputation. When he is on board he just wants the best from everybody involved. With the success of 3 idiots he has become the numero uno at box office by far and it will take a lot to beat that record.

So what exactly makes Aamir so successful when it comes to delivering a quality product with excellent box office returns? I believe it is 4S factor that he strongly believes in and implements. Now what exactly are these 4S.4S Stands for Script, Sincerity, Security and Strategy.

Script-we see so many actors who keeps saying script is important but most of the time its packaging that overpowers script. Aamir is the only actor who never compromises on this front. His script sense is just impeccable. Or else how can you describe someone producing movies like Lagaan and Tare Zameen Par or working in movies like Rang De Basanti, Dil Chahta Hai(refused by Hrithik) and 3 idiots(refused by Shah Rukh).He understands the power of a good script and has always believed it is above every thing, producer and director is secondary.

Sincerity– His dedication is a rarity in the hindi film industry. It is so rare that no one actually comes close to Aamir when it comes to taking pains for the preparation of any character he portrays. His one movie at a time mantra has delivered and delivered big time. He strongly believes that too much work spoils quality which actually is true. His whole hearted participation in all aspects of filmmaking reflects his sincerity towards his work. He considers every film as his own baby and ensures it is well groomed before the release. Latest on this front is his stand on not doing any films this year. Rather he wants to focus on the production front for the three movies being produced under his banner.

Strategy– Whats the fun to produce something when u cannot sell it. Aamir excels on this front also. He promotes his movies as aggressively as sincerely he makes them. He ensures that his effort does not go in vain and reaches to as many people as possible. Whether The Disappearing act for 3Idiots or haircutting sessions for Ghajni he has always come out with innovative techniques to promote his film and grab maximum publicity.

One of his smartest strategies recently has been of releasing his films on Christmas week. A Christmas week gives u a long weekend and the next week you have new year holiday to cash on. Then as the industry is too superstitious to release any movie on first week of January you get another open week, thus you enjoy three open weeks. So if the film is good ,it has good enough chance to rake huge money. Akshay’s highest grossing movie till date is Welcome which was also a Christmas release. A clear case of very smart strategy. This is the reason why Shahrukh(Ra1) and Akshay(Tees Maar Khan) are trying to bring in their respective movies on Christmas week this year.

Security-Every thing above holds true because of this reason. He to me is the least insecure actor as far as position/standing/work in bollywood is concerned. He totally believes in himself and his abilities. Or how else can u explain that after Lagaan and DCH his next release came after 4 years. Well that is a mark of a genius who totally believes in his caliber, and gut, and fears to disappoint his fans.

 Mr.Khan take a bow and tohfa kabool kijiye jahanpanah….

*Below is the list of his releases this decade along with the directors for your reference

3 Idiots(2009) ….Rajkumar Hirani

Ghajini (2008)…..A R Murgadose

Taare Zameen Par (2007)…..Aamir Khan

Fanaa (2006)…….Kunal Kohli

Rang De Basanti (2006)…..Rakesh Mehra

Mangal Pandey – The Rising (2005)….Ketan Mehta

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)…..Farhan Akhtar

Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India (2001)…..Ashutosh Gowarikar

Mela (2000)….Dharmesh Darshan


27 Responses to “Aamir Khan -Actor of the decade (2000-2009)”

  1. Yes,I am agree.in this decade aamir is on top.whats aamir next films.

    • @ Shakir His forthcoming films are
      1)Peepli Live(producer)-stars newcomer and is directed by Anusha Rizvi
      2)Delhi Belly(producer)-stars Imran Khan
      3)Dhobhi Ghat(actor and producer)-also stars Prateek Babbar and is directed by Kiran Rao.

  2. great article. finally the media has to acknowledge the obvious and they are not too happy eating their own words. if you are sincere and believe in what you do, you will come out on the top. so take that all the nay sayers!!

  3. So last decade Salman was top, this decade Aamir is top and yet SRK is King? King of what?

    • hahah.Srk is just a romantic actor.He is nothing against Salman and Aamir.Salman did most business film of that time(“Mainay Piar Kia”,”Hum Aap Kay Hian Koun”).There cannot be any doubt that in public Salman Khan is most famous celebrity ever.He is the most stylish actor.In 2010 he gave “Dabangg” which did more than 240 crores business.In 2008 Salman’s Dus Ka Dam was far better than Srk’s Kia aap panchwin paas say tez hain.
      Aamir Khan the most versatile actor ever in bollywood industry.He gave so much blockbusters that Srk cannot even think.He is most skilled actor he is far ahead of Srk.
      Srk is not compareeable with Aamir Or Salman.
      Those who say srk is king have no logic and reasining,they just say because they like srk,but the reality is different.

      • hello chotu we r not comparing srk with aamir and salman we cant compare legend(srk) with actors(aamir&salman) dont try to campare and dont try to become legend ok

      • Jarvies Says:

        the one legend for me is that the one who nominated as most influential people conducted by Time 100 poll powered by CNN and Aamir Khan emerged top 15 out of 204

      • Jarviez Says:

        the one legend for me is that the one who nominated as most influential people conducted by Time 100 poll powered by CNN and Aamir Khan emerged top 15 out of 204

  4. SRK is king of both decades combined.

  5. SRK is the true Badshah…Aamir has been lucky but if you combine revenue of all their released films ever SRK has earned at least 4 times what Aamir has…and in the end that is the bottom line…Performance wise SRK’s won more Best Actor trophies too…Aamir is too pretentious in my opinion…Sure 3 Idiots is ATBB but it’s no Sholay or Mughal E Azam and u need to take into account inflation and audience size…There is no credence to this story at all…He si good but he is not the best or Number 1…

    • On quality and quantity…there is no match for Aamir ,he has 5 huge critical and commercial successes in form of RDB,DCH,3I,TZP,LAGAAN in this decade as for SRK his 2 credible performances were in Swadesh and Chak De…For me its Aamir all the way for simple reason he has disappointed me the least whenever i have gone to watch his movies

      • Dil Chahta Hai was a flop everywhere except in Mumbai. It was a great movie, no doubt about it.Even in Mumbai it was dragged on to complete 50 weeks at Central Plaza in Mumbai.It was a near disaster in every B,C%D center. It is wrongly perceived as a hit movie,which it definitely was’nt.Facts can’t be manipulated to suit one’s perceptions.

      • hey madhu who said it didnot do well in other cities..it was good in almost every major centres except interiors..well then it was not made for that set of audience…if you wan’t to discount DCH then also discount Swadesh form SRK list as it was a flop across the circuits….

  6. SRK is a self media made King……….. when ever i watch his movie……. i always get a feeling that m watching sharukh khan……. not the character in the moive………… with Amir u can completely forget that u r watching Amir……. n just feel that itz the Character in the movie that u r watching……. compare him in Sarfarosh… RDB…. or Lagaan…… u will feel all r so diversed n different…………. thatz what gr8 acting is all about…….. n to top it all he even knows the audiences, what they want….. so he is the true kingl……………. n yes ‘NAds’…. srk has won many awards……. but tell me whats the credebility of all that awards…….for eg…Filmfare…… the year Anil kapoor won the best actor award for Beta……. n Amir lost to thim for Jo jeeta wahi sikandar…….. this tells all about the credebility of filmfare n all that catagory awards…….. if u want to talk about awards…… talk about National Awards or IIFA awards….. n tell me……. how many srk has won……. he is nothing but the most insecure… media made king…. n all hype around him is bogas……….

  7. hie….
    d stardust awards and also the star screen awards have been declared….

  8. mr. Perfectionist’s record is unbreakable. No one compared with it. We are waiting for next blockbuster….

  9. rahim panah Says:

    aamir khan is the actor of the decade.

  10. Aamir Khan is the most versatile and skilled actor ever in Indian Industry

  11. actually ur correct. i’m mad on him. i mean aamir.i dont knw y bt he’s got something special with him.other than anyone. almost each and every film of him could touch the deepest place of mind.i mean i feel as if i’m him i mean his charactor.he is such a marvolous acter.i love him.
    i cant bear up any moreeeeeeeeee

  12. Hi everybody!!! I am a Filipino, but last night when i first saw an indian movie which was 3 IDIOTS. it really amazed me. And the only name I tried to write in my pad is the name Aamir Khan. and that is why im into it today. I searched for his name and got this page. Now I know how excellent and talented actor he is. Nice actor, nice story excellent movie.
    God Bless.

  13. Hello everybody.I am a Filipino and it was my first time to watch an indian movie, that was 3 idiots. I never thought of seeing such wonderful movie like that. and also ,I have one more thing to say. The only name i tried to remember and wrote in my notepad was Aamir Khan. He really acts so well. I love the way he played his role. Honestly, that was only last night when i first saw him and that is why i searched for his name in the internet and brought me here in this page where i found lots of admirers of aamer’s talent. On the other hand, 3 idiots have excellent artists,excellent story that made it into an excellent movie.Keep up the good work.God Bless us everybody.

  14. Very truly even on this new generation of our’s.
    And even here in our country, Philippines, Aamir Khan is a well- known actor.

    I am this young but i love his actings!!!!
    ipagpatuloy mo lang poh IDOL!!!

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