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Top 5 Performances(Male)

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With 3 idiots breaking box office records left right and centre bollywood must be having a sigh of relief. A year in which barely 5 films managed successful business it has come as a god’s gift for new year .Though 2009 does not have many hits to boast about it still had some fine films with exemplary performances.Some of the performances which deserve a mention but donot feature in my list are Farhan Akhtar (Luck by Chance), Amol Gupte (Kaminey), Aamir Khan (3 Idiots) and K K Menon (Sankat city).

While evaluating the performance the 3 important  criterias were

a) Improvisation role required

b) Pushing the envelope

c) Catch/Hold viewers attention.

 Below is my list of top 5 performances (male).

5) Ranbir Kapoor (WUS,APKGK,RS-SOTY)- Ranbir kapoor was the surprise package of the year. He took huge strides with his every new release and excelled every time. Whether it was a carefree college kid in WUS or upright Sikh lad of RS he just gave breezing performances. His performances reflected his understanding of acting as a medium and what depth he can offer. Add to it his great looks and dancing skills what you get is a true blue superstar. No wonder every producer is eager to sign him and I am more than convinced that he is here to stay.

 4)Boman Irani(3 Idiots)-what an actor. You give him any role and he is bound to excel. 3 idiots is no exception. His portrayal of a nerdy director of ICE in 3 idiots is just fantastic. His mannerism ,his gait, his stance ,his speech everything had a no nonsense approach of a strict head of a premier institute. His outburst when he confronts Aamir  about why astronauts donot use pencil in space and why Aamir can not be right always will make everybody empathise with him. You feel how much his ego has hurt in accepting defeat. His performance should win him many awards in supporting role category next year.

3)Abhay Deol(Dev D)- Youngest of the Deol khandan and the brightest of them all. He has been excellent in choosing his films and have done some outstanding work previously. Most of his films have been with newcomers and more often than not he has delivered on his fans expectation. Inspite of doing films like OLLO,Manorama and Such Na Tha success always eluded him. He finally tasted success in form of Dev D.The icing on the cake was his career best performance of a dejected and self destructive lover. His eyes wreathed the passion and anger he has for his love. His performance was so captivating that it actually made one  feel his disgust and pain. As self destroying lover who has surrendered himself to alcohol and drugs he raised so much sympathy that your heart went out for him everytime he appeared on the screen. A fantastic performance from a gifted artist.

 2)Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)- Shahid Kapoor beautifully enacted the role of twins in this Vishal Bhardwaj ode to Tarantino and Scorsese. One brother who stammers and other who lisps was just a brilliant idea and Shahid performance gave it a new dimension. Shahid who before this was known for the portrayal of lover boy/guy next door reinvented himself and gave what I believe is career defining performance. This role required lot of preparation and hard work and it showsed on the screen. He performed both roles of Sidhu and Charlie with élan and came out trumps. This movie will surely give him lot of confidence as an actor and should make him scale new heights in coming days.

1)Amitabh Bachchan(Paa)- How far do you go to satisfy your hunger for good role How much bar can be raised to set new benchmarks. There is no limit if you happen to be one Mr.Amitabh Bachchan .There is no need for him to charter such difficult path of enacting a role of 13 year old boy suffering from progeria when he already has such phenomenal body of work as a testimony to his excellence. But then geniuses are not called geniuses for nothing. He just did not gave a truly out of the world performance in Paa. But actually made lesser mortals like us feel blessed. It’s no less than a blessing to be able to see Amitabh Bachchan delivering performance of Lifetime. The beauty of the performance was that it made you forget Amitabh we are used to watching on silver screen. There was no AB but only Auro. If his wittiness floored you , his death scene left lump in your throat. You take out Auro form Paa and you are left with a very ordinary movie. That’s the power of his performance. Take a bow Mr.Bachchan you are the “baap of bollywood”.


Answers to Movie Quiz#8

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Well no answers this time….hmm very disappointing….guess people were too busy with christmas celebrations….

1) Which Woody Allen film based on a play takes its title from a famous line from a Bogart-Bergman classic?

A)”Play it again Sam” from famous line in the film classic casablanca(“play it sam,play it like you playedit for her”)

2)Whose banner is People Tree Films and what was its earlier  name?

A)Nikhil Advani and Mukesh Talreja ….earlier name Orion Pictures…

3)Which was the last movie to celebrate Golden Jublee in Novelty Theatre of Lucknow?

A)Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

4)Where is  the song San Sanan of Ashoka shot?

A)Marble Rocks ,Jabalpur

5)Who was the first bollywood actor to shoot in Nepal?

A)Dev Anand for Hare Krishan Hare Ram

My Thoughts-3 Idiots

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3 Idiots has a huge hype surrounding it and because of Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani every body is expecting nothing less than a moon. I am no exception and I must admit after watching 3 idiots I am not satisfied but delighted. Take a bow Raju, Aamir and VVC for making such a beautiful film. This movie proves once again that Aamir is the star of the stars and Raju the director par excellence.

3 Idiots strikes and strikes so hard that it leaves you spell bound. It does not have any out of the world story but it has a purest of the soul. You just fell in love with 3 idiots and just wish the movie never ends. I believe if a director can achieve that than he knows his art well. 3 Idiots reflects on the current education system where the caliber of student is measured as per the marks/degree and not  how much he knows or understands. The eternal rat race children are made part of and its repercussions .It beautifully highlights the plight of students without being too preachy and overboard. By the end it successfully conveys its message of “Chase excellence success will come automatically”.

3 Idiots is full of filmy scenes but the beauty is that you actually enjoy it. It just makes you the part of the proceedings and engages you big time. The Ragging Scene, Omi’s Speech and Sharman Joshi’s family intro are few of the scenes which are bound to make you laugh your guts out. There are many scenes where you find trademark Raju Hirani treatment. He has his own style of story telling and which is actually very refreshing. Line “All is well” is going to be as famous as “Jadoo ki Jhappi” and “Get well soon”.

Hardcore critics have not found it extraordinary but still have given 3 stars. I want to ask a simple question to them why did they do not apply same logic to Avatar. Just because it has a new way of presentation you totally ignored the very regressive script and gave 5 star ratings. To me this is just double standards.

3 Idiots belong to Aamir Khan all the way .What a performance. His towering performance actually makes the character of Rancho so endearing. He is the best superstar India has produced after AB. Other 2 performances that stand out are of Boman Irani and newcomer Omi. Both are outstanding as a director of the college and student with fierce competitive streak. Kareena looks beautiful and has done justice to her role. Madhwan and Sharman are excellent as other 2 idiots.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is good.” All is well”, and “Zoobi Doobi “are good but the best track is “Get me some sunshine”. Cinematography by Muraleedharan C K is top class.

3 Idiots is the movie of the year and definitely one of the most entertaining movies of all time. Go watch it full entertainment is guaranteed


Latest Trailers-Love Sex & Dhoka and Inception

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Posting Trailers of upcoming movies of 2 of my favourite directors.

LSD is directed by Dibakar Banerjee who earlier made Khonsla ka Ghonsla  and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.Both of his earlier movies were very different and extremely entertaining.The expectations are huge from LSD.If first promo is anything to go by then LSD also looks very different and should be a good watch

Inception is direected by Chris Nolan who has earlier directed The Dark Knight,Insomnia,Prestige,Batman Begins,Memento and Following.All his previous movie has just been exceptional.He has been raising bar with every new film fo his and Inception should be no exception.

My Take-Top Ten Songs plus Poll Result.

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2009 has been a far better year as far as music scene is concerned. There were some very good albums and individual tracks. Best part of 2009 was that it brought lot of new talents.Noteable among them were Amit Trivedi.Piyush Mishra and Toshi brothers.Pritam was the most consistent and saleable music director where as A R Rahman gave some excellent scores in form of Delhi 6,Blue and Slumdog Millionaire.

Below is my list of Top 10 songs of the year along with the poll result for Top Ten Songs.

 10) Chor bazaari (Love Aaj Kal)

A fun song that celebrated separation .now that was something unique.Never before we have seen in Indian movies couple singing such fun song after separating from each other. The arrangements and setting was just perfect. Neeraj Shridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan did full justice to fab lyrics by Irshad Kamil.

 9) Wake up Sid (WUS)

Excellent song when you are feeling sloth. Just play this track and you will start feeling so lively. A very uplifting track and definitely the best song from SEL this year.

 8) Blue (Blue)

What Energy man. A must song for all car enthusiasts. We keep looking for such tracks that can actually make our money spend on all those amply and woofers a worth. Blue was has some a electrifying arrangement and cracking vocals.

7) Pardesi (Dev D)

B BOP has never been used so well in Indian movies. The setting of the video in that sleazy bar takes this song to new heights and just makes it a repeat watch. Newcomer Tochi sung it with lots of zing.

 6) Rajaji (Gulaal)

Music and Lyrics by Piyush Mishra, sung by Rekha Bhardwaj. Rajaji is definitely the most innovative and rustic song of the year. Tuned to a folk music genre it has very crazy lyrics and some very simple but effective arrangement. Mahi Gill danced with full abandon and we all just swooned.

 5) Tu hi Haqeeqat (Tum Mile)

Pritam gave many songs this year but this by far is his best number. Beautiful lyrics by Syed Quadri and even more beautifully rendered by Javed Ali. A song that can make any girl go weak and surrender completely. Saying that it is intoxicating will be an understatement.

 4) Tera hone laga hoon (APKGK)

Most hum able song of the year… period.

 3)Masakali(Delhi 6)

 Most Charming song of the year. Masakali become an instant hit unlike many ARR hits.

From the day one it grabbed viewer’s attention with its very realistic and charming picturisation. Mohit Chauhan’s silken voice made this song absolute delight.

 2)Dan Tana Nan(Kaminey)

Master musician and lyricist team of Vishal and Gulzaar came up with a  most rocking number of the year. It is almost impossible to not tap your foot when the song is playing in your vicinity. An absolute gem of a song which should remain a top hit in disc circuit for atleast another year.

 1)Emotional atyachar(Dev D)

What were Anurag and Amit thinking when they came up with and idea of EA.A song with Shaadi Band music .A Song picturised on a Band. Top that with lyrics with a line that read “why why did you ditch me whore”. The Basis idea sounds so silly that I don’t believe any body other than Anurag would have gone ahead and shot this song. But as they say behind every genius there is little bit of madness. This song can rightly be termed as the anthem of the year. It has achieved almost a cult status and has made millions go crazy. I am just one of them. Anurag and Amit just keep them coming…

 Now the results of the Top Ten Songs poll .Out of 30 odd songs i have put on list i am publishing the winners.Song that missed by whisker was Love me Love me (Wanted) .There were in total 880 votes.(For all nominations)..Thanks for voting guys….

Iron Man-2 and Robinhood Trailer

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After mindblowing Iron Man comes its sequel featuring Robert Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke(Wrestler).Looks good and should be a next summer blockbuster

RobinHood stars Russel Crowe and is directed by Ridley Scott….The duo gave us unforgettable Gladiator…Lets hope its also turns out that good

Ishqiya-song trailer…

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Brilliant song from the team of Vishal and Gulzaar…Already doing phurr phurr