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Posted in Reviews on January 30, 2010 by topazbol

BABBAN-Tujhe yahan pe red light area pata hai

NANDU-Paise lageinge

BABBAN-Mein kaun sa  fakir ka katora le ke jaa raha hoon

NANDU-Main sau rupaiye loonga

BABBAN-Abe teri kaun lega

Above conversation sums up the fun Ishqiya has to offer. Ishqiya is so unabashedly in your face that it stuns you. I felt a constant urge of, please give me more, that when the movie ended I was  unwilling to leave the auditorium. Ishqiya is so genuine in its setting and milieu that you wonder how much detailing has gone to make it look perfect. Lead actors mannerism and gait , cheesy/crass dialogues catches your attention from the opening sequence, as the movie progresses you  get so glued with  proceedings that you don’t want any break  ,forget an interval ,to break the momentum. This to me is the biggest thing any director can achieve when telling a story.

Ishqiya is a story of 2 small time crooks Khalujaan and Babban , a widow Krishna and how their world changes when they come in contact with each other. A drama of love ,kidnapping  ,revenge, heartbreak and redemption unfolds which leaves you spellbound.

All the principal stars have done excellent job .Nasser as Khalujaan is so convincing that you wonder anyone would have played it so effortlessly. Arshad as Babban is just superb ,after circuit people are going to cherish  this performance for longtime. Vidya Balan as Krishna is mind blowing, she once again proves that she is one of the finest performers we have today. she actually is the soul of the film and whole film revolves around her.Actor who plays Nandu is sensation in a making He is pure natural and dynamite in a small role.

Music by Vishal is extraordinary. Iban e batuta and Dil to bachcha hai are pick of the lot.  Both songs should feature in top ten songs of 2010. Mohana Krishna’s cinematography is first-rate. Dialogues by Vishal Bhardwaj  are authentic  and a few leaves in split while some are worth a whistle.

Ishqiya is a film made with lot of heart and effort and it shows. Abhishek Chaubey deserves applause for his effort.

Only blemish in smooth narrative of Ishqiya is its climax. Ishqiya deserved a better ending and a hurried finish leaves you with soar taste. Still Ishqiya deserves to be watched and that to on big screen so that it eventually makes money for its stakeholders and give them zeal to make such gems more often.


Intial Reviews-Ishqiya and Rann

Posted in News Updates on January 29, 2010 by topazbol

I am pretty excited today as one of my most awaited movies of the year Ishqiya is getting released…Giving it company is Rann and Road To Sangam ,both movies are also carrying good report hence should make this weekend even more exciting….

Initial reviews are













So Guys please visit theatre near you and enjoy the movies… Have a great weekend…

Answers-Movie quiz#10

Posted in Movie Quiz on January 27, 2010 by topazbol

Good Show Prateek u got 4 right…Astha 3 of your answers were right….

1) Which motorcycle brand was promoted through movie Bobby?

Ans-Mini Rajdoot

2) Zoom TV,LIC and Archies beautifully exploited in movie placements in which movie?

Ans-Waqt-Race Against Time

3)  Who played the role(miniscule) of letter writer in the movie Salaam Bombay?

Ans-Irrfan Khan

4) Who is endorsing Parachute Hairoil now days?

Ans-Anushka Sharma

5) Which Denim brand was endorsed by Dino Morea in late 90’?


Promo Watch-Click

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Year 2010 seems to be a year of horror genre….Shapit,Phoonk 2,Fired , n number of movies are being made in this genre…

Click is another attempt to scare us …promo looks good lets see how movie turns out when it releases  in Feb 2010.

Do pour ur suggestions….

Movie Quiz#10

Posted in Movie Quiz on January 21, 2010 by topazbol

1) Which motorcycle brand was promoted through movie Bobby?

2) Zoom TV,LIC and Archies beautifully exploited in movie placements in which movie?

3)  Who played the role(miniscule) of letter writer in the movie Salaam Bombay?

4) Who is endorsing Parachute Hairoil now days?

5) Which Denim brand was endorsed by Dino Morea in late 90’?


Promo Watch-Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

Posted in Preview on January 17, 2010 by topazbol

Pour in ur thoughts ….

News Updates

Posted in News Updates on January 17, 2010 by topazbol

UTV has roped in Anees Bazmee to direct their new movie Thank You.Akshay Kumar will be heading the cast.

Indra Kumar is all set to direct movie for Shree Ashtavinayak Films.It will be a multi starrer featuring Sanjay Dutt,Anil Kapoor,Govinda,Akshaye Khanna and one more star

Release date of House Full has been preponed from 20th May to 30th April .This has been done to avoid clashing with Kites.House Full stars Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone in main lead and is directed by Sajid Khan

Akshay Kumar has been signed as brand ambassador of Dollar vest.


Posted in Preview on January 13, 2010 by topazbol

Presenting you the first trailer of Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti

First look is incredibly good and leaves u wanting for more…Can’t wait for 28th May’2010.

Share your opinions…

Aamir Khan -Actor of the decade (2000-2009)

Posted in Discussion on January 12, 2010 by topazbol

10 years 9 films (2 All Time Blockbusters,1 Blockbuster,3 Superhits,1 Hit ,1 Above Average and 1 Flop),a record which is unparalleled. A record any actor would die for. Is it not enough to say that Aamir is the star of the decade. Some may disagree as they will have their own choice but for me he is in a different league altogether.

To support my statement I will like to highlight 2 very interesting facts

a) He has not repeated any of his directors* in this decade.

 b) All the directors have given their best in terms of Revenue and Story telling with him barring Dharmesh Darshan(Whose best was Dhadkan)

This is what actually signifies that Aamir  purely believes in the power of the script and not about the director’s reputation. When he is on board he just wants the best from everybody involved. With the success of 3 idiots he has become the numero uno at box office by far and it will take a lot to beat that record.

So what exactly makes Aamir so successful when it comes to delivering a quality product with excellent box office returns? I believe it is 4S factor that he strongly believes in and implements. Now what exactly are these 4S.4S Stands for Script, Sincerity, Security and Strategy.

Script-we see so many actors who keeps saying script is important but most of the time its packaging that overpowers script. Aamir is the only actor who never compromises on this front. His script sense is just impeccable. Or else how can you describe someone producing movies like Lagaan and Tare Zameen Par or working in movies like Rang De Basanti, Dil Chahta Hai(refused by Hrithik) and 3 idiots(refused by Shah Rukh).He understands the power of a good script and has always believed it is above every thing, producer and director is secondary.

Sincerity- His dedication is a rarity in the hindi film industry. It is so rare that no one actually comes close to Aamir when it comes to taking pains for the preparation of any character he portrays. His one movie at a time mantra has delivered and delivered big time. He strongly believes that too much work spoils quality which actually is true. His whole hearted participation in all aspects of filmmaking reflects his sincerity towards his work. He considers every film as his own baby and ensures it is well groomed before the release. Latest on this front is his stand on not doing any films this year. Rather he wants to focus on the production front for the three movies being produced under his banner.

Strategy- Whats the fun to produce something when u cannot sell it. Aamir excels on this front also. He promotes his movies as aggressively as sincerely he makes them. He ensures that his effort does not go in vain and reaches to as many people as possible. Whether The Disappearing act for 3Idiots or haircutting sessions for Ghajni he has always come out with innovative techniques to promote his film and grab maximum publicity.

One of his smartest strategies recently has been of releasing his films on Christmas week. A Christmas week gives u a long weekend and the next week you have new year holiday to cash on. Then as the industry is too superstitious to release any movie on first week of January you get another open week, thus you enjoy three open weeks. So if the film is good ,it has good enough chance to rake huge money. Akshay’s highest grossing movie till date is Welcome which was also a Christmas release. A clear case of very smart strategy. This is the reason why Shahrukh(Ra1) and Akshay(Tees Maar Khan) are trying to bring in their respective movies on Christmas week this year.

Security-Every thing above holds true because of this reason. He to me is the least insecure actor as far as position/standing/work in bollywood is concerned. He totally believes in himself and his abilities. Or how else can u explain that after Lagaan and DCH his next release came after 4 years. Well that is a mark of a genius who totally believes in his caliber, and gut, and fears to disappoint his fans.

 Mr.Khan take a bow and tohfa kabool kijiye jahanpanah….

*Below is the list of his releases this decade along with the directors for your reference

3 Idiots(2009) ….Rajkumar Hirani

Ghajini (2008)…..A R Murgadose

Taare Zameen Par (2007)…..Aamir Khan

Fanaa (2006)…….Kunal Kohli

Rang De Basanti (2006)…..Rakesh Mehra

Mangal Pandey – The Rising (2005)….Ketan Mehta

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)…..Farhan Akhtar

Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India (2001)…..Ashutosh Gowarikar

Mela (2000)….Dharmesh Darshan

Answers to Movie Quiz#9

Posted in Movie Quiz on January 11, 2010 by topazbol

Good show Astha and Megha…..Deb u also tried well…

1)Name the producers of Jab We Met?

Ans-Shree Ashtavinayak films

2)Who worked in theatre group Punjab Kala Manch before joining movies?

Ans-Om Puri

3)Whose banner name is MAD Entertainment?

Ans-Sunil Manchanda

4)Name the only movie produced by Tata Infomedia?


5)what record Javed Akhtar holds as far as FILMFARE Awards is concerned?

Ans-In 2004 got all the nomination for Filmfare best lyricist


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